Character Design

Got a cartoon script, but need an artist to bring your characters to life, or are you looking for a Mascot to use in commercials for your business? RAM Horn can illustrate hand-crafted, unique, professional character designs for you.


Have a cartoon, a TV commercial, or a simple web advertisement script in mind? Not a problem, storyboarding is much like illustrating a newspaper comic strip or a full 24 page comic book, RAM Horn can turn your script in a professional easy to follow storyboard.

3D Modeling

Whether you have you own character designs or RAM Horn has already designed them for you the next step to making a 3D computer animation is to model the character(s) in 3D. RAM Horn can translate your character designs into a professional looking 3D Model.

Not interested in a cartoon 3D Model? Not a problem, RAM Horn can create 3D Models to scale of buildings for Architects or new products for manufactures.

3D Animation

3D computer animation can be used for a number of projects; cartoons, commercials, business proposals, online advertisements, and forensic recreation just to name a few. RAM Horn can provide professional 3D animation services for you project.

Flash Animation

Most Flash animation has been primarily used on the internet as websites, games, and web banners. However, there have been several successful instances where Flash animation has been used on TV as cartoons and commercials. If Flash is the style of animation you prefer then RAM Horn can accommodate you.

The Process:

  1. Start initial communication to understand your goals, target audience, and design preferences.
  2. Fill out the requirements questionnaire in order to document all the details of the project.
  3. Review the script, establish a timeline, and determine animation solutions.
  4. Start with character design, illustrate a story board, and create 3D model(s)
  5. Review and critique, and then make possible revisions
  6. If required record voice overs and create an animatic.
  7. Review animatic for timing, if necessary make minor revisions, then animate, and eidt final piece.
  8. Recieve your animated piece or send out for distribution.